terça-feira, maio 26, 2009

Polar Bear

She knew she was able to fly,
Because when she came down,
She had dust on her hands from the sky,
She felt so high, the dust made her cry.

She knew she could fly like a bird,
But when she said 'please raise the roof higher' nobody heard,
They never noticed a word,
The light bulbs burn, her fingers will learn.

Why should it feel like a crime?
If I want to be with you all the time.
Why is it measured in hours?
You should make your own time, you're welcome in mine


2 comentários:

Dreams of Hexa disse...

You're always welcomed too!!

It'll arrive a time that time will stop, just for both of us!

two flying little-lovely-babies-bichinhos!!!!!!

amo amo amo vc!!!!!!!!!

Dreams of Hexa disse...

Um lugar sem teto, porém com um solo firme para quando precisarmos descansarmos nossas asas!